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Online Banking FAQs

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General FAQs

After how many invalid logon attempts will I be locked out of Internet Banking?
Three invalid logon attempts will lock you out of Internet Banking. Customers should call the Internet Banking Customer service department at (918) 256-7811 Monday - Friday from 08:00 A.M. - 04:00 P.M. to reset an Internet Banking Account.
Can I use Internet Banking if I only have a CD, Loan, or Savings Account?
Yes. If you have any First National Bank account - CD, Loan, Savings, or Checking product - you can get Internet Banking for FREE.
How can I add or delete an account from Internet Banking?
The change can be made through any customer service representative at any First National Bank location. Please provide customer service representative with name and the account number you want added or removed.
How can I reset my Internet Banking Account?
You can call the Internet Banking Customer service department at (918) 256-7811 or (918) 786-7775 Monday - Friday from 08:00 A.M. - 04:00 P.M.
How can you guarantee the security of my banking information?
First, we use 128-bit encryption, the highest form of encryption currently available, to secure your Internet Banking sessions. Whenever you see the padlock symbol in your browser, you know this security feature is active. Other security tools are in place to ensure the integrity of your data, including firewalls and filtering routers that secure computers from Internet access and a "trusted" operating system, which protects information from both internal and external threats.

For additional security, customers select their own Personal Identification Number. Locking the ID out of the system following three unsuccessful logon attempts deters PIN guessing. These are just a few of the many security tools we use. These layers of security work together to make sure that all information transmitted between you and First National Bank is both secure and authentic.
What do I need to gain access to Internet Banking?
User ID, PIN, and Internet access. The Internet access could be at home or work. The browser must have 128-bit encryption. Using Internet access from some company locations may not work because of the security that company has implemented for outside Internet browsing.
What does Internet Banking Cost?
Internet Banking is free to all customers.
What happens if I lose or forget my ID or PIN
If you lose/forget your ID or PIN, call First National Bank Internet Banking Customer Service at (918) 256-7811 or (918) 786-7775.
What Services are offered through Internet Banking?
  1. Unlimited in the numbers and types of accounts to access.
  2. Transfer funds electronically between all checking and savings accounts (regulatory limitations may apply).
  3. Transfer funds electronically between checking/savings and loan accounts at First National Bank allowing for Interest / Principal payment distribution.
  4. Statement information on all deposit and loan accounts.
  5. Check Imaging statement retrieval with front and back images on all cancelled checks.
  6. Obtain account information on your Checking, Savings, CD's, Loan, and Safe Deposit Accounts.
  7. Stop payment on checks drawn on your checking account at First National Bank (stop payment charges may apply).
  8. Download "real time" transactions from any accounts to industry standard money management software.
Will Internet Banking be available to me all the time?
It will be available virtually any time, day or night, 7 days a week. However, there may be times when it is temporarily unavailable due to nightly processing updates, or technical difficulties.
Who can have Internet Banking?
Any Consumer or Sole Proprietor can use Internet Banking. Partnerships, Corporations, and governmental institutions must use our Internet Banking cash management product, Contact Cash Management Services at (918) 256-7811 or (918) 786-7775 for more information!
How can I get Internet Banking?
First National Bank customers can start Internet Banking by visiting any Customer Service Representative at any branch location.

Transfers FAQs

What is the First National Bank of Vinita, Grove, & Cleora's Routing Number?
The Routing Number for our locations is 103101110.

PLEASE NOTE: Before initiating - or providing instructions for - a wire, please contact our wire department, first, for current instructions.
Are there excessive withdrawal limits when transferring from my Money Market or Savings Accounts?
Due to Federal Regulations the customer may not make more than six transfers or withdrawals per month or statement period or more than three to third parties, when these transfers are made by means of a pre-authorized or automatic transfer, or telephonic agreement, order or instruction, including Internet Banking. Transferring from a savings or money market account to a loan at First National Bank does not count towards the excessive withdrawal limit.
Between what accounts can I transfer?
You may transfer between all your designated deposit and loan accounts at First National Bank. Some accounts may be excluded from transfer capability due to regulatory requirements, bank policy, or loan agreement between the customer and First National Bank.
How late can I make a transfer and still have it post to my account that night?
A transfer can be made up to 6:00 P.M. during any business day for the transaction to post that night. This includes all transfers between deposit accounts and loans. A transfer made today after 6:00 P.M. will "memo post", but will not actually appear until the next business day.

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